Ten of the most vigorous Daylilies we have ever grown 

These ten Daylilies have grown and multiplied so well for us that we are overstocked. As much as we love every one of these we just don't have room to keep them all, and are offering this fabulous collection for $99. !!

We can ship this collection by mailorder (bare root with standard S&H charge) or as a mix of container grown and bare root for garden pickup. An incredible $160. value for $99.

Autumn Wood – Dormant    24” tall     5.5” bloom      MidLate Season     Diploid

Beautiful Edgings – Semi Evergreen       36” tall      7” bloom      Mid Season Reblooms      Diploid     Fragrant

Dominic – Semi Evergreen      30” tall      5.5” bloom       Mid Season        Tetraploid

Dublin Elaine – Dormant      32” tall      5.5” bloom       Mid Season Reblooms Diploid

Jan's Twister – Evergreen      28” tall      11.5” bloom      EarlyMid Season Reblooms     Diploid

Land of Cotton – Semi-Evergreen      30” tall      6” bloom      Mid Season Reblooms     Diploid

Peggy Jeffcoat – Dormant      18” tall      6.5” bloom      Mid Season     Diploid

Scatterbrain – Semi Evergreen      32” tall      6” bloom      Mid Season Reblooms     Diploid

Spots Before My Eyes – Semi Evergreen      32” tall      5” bloom      Early Season     Tetraploid

Two Part Harmony – Evergreen         34” tall       4” bloom       Early season Reblooms        Tetraploid

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