Dublin Elaine (Joiner 1987)

Dormant        32” tall      5.5” bloom      Mid season Reblooms        Diploid

Anyone looking for August bloom needs to consider Dublin Elaine. Registered as mid season, we would call it Mid-Late in our gardens, starting the middle of July and blooming through August into the early part of September. A little taller than most, DE will stand out in the Late summer garden. This attention getting, warm pink double is definitely a contender for the most vigorous and most prolific bloomer in a mature clump. DE is both a bud builder and a rebloomer that puts up new scapes before the primary scapes are finished, resulting in 6-8 weeks of bloom. We have long held Enman Joiners doubles in extremely high regard - This is a 1st choice daylily.

A mature clump puts on a spectacular display from mid July into September

Joiner doubles are favoured in our gardens for their northern hardyness, vigour and beauty.