Fooled Me (Reilly-Hein 1990)

Dormant       25” tall     6” bloom     Early Mid season       Tetraploid

Fooled Me, a 1990 introduction from Philip Reilly and Ann Hein is the recipient of the 2005 Stout Silver Medal. Fooled Me exemplifies all the attributes of the daylilies that Arcadian Daylilies wants to be known for growing. Lush big tetraploid blemish-free foliage, FM is a solid dormant having no difficulties with Canadian winters. An Early Midseason bloomer FM starts blooming for us the beginning of July and extends into August, and it reblooms too. The clarity and intensity of the colour lasts through the hottest of afternoons, the heavily substanced blooms last from before dawn till well after dusk. This is a must have daylily for anyone serious about their garden.

We think so much of Fooled Me that we used it as the cover photo for our 2006 Catalogue.