Custard Candy (Stamile 1989)

Dormant         24” tall       4.25 bloom       Early Mid Season Reblooms       Tetraploid

Recipient of the Stout Silver Medal for 1999 and the Annie T. Giles Award for 1996, Custard Candy is an exceptionally well suited cultivar for Canadian Gardens. Soft, pale yellow with maroon eye & gold edge. Fabulous plant, excellent budcount, reblooms prolifically, foliage and blooms blemish free, clump looks great spring to autumn. Not just a pretty face but the whole plant deserves the recognition of the Stout Silver Medal. The entire 'Candy' series of Daylilies is highly regarded but we think Custard Candy is perhaps the best for overall performance - includes consistently attractive bloom, early season bloom, reliable rebloom into the autumn, winter hardiness and season long attractive foliage.